I decide what happens to my own body. I want to free myself from the dominant ideology which considers the body and the desire full of taboos. I show the link between women and blood in order to give back power to women’s body through sacralization : this is my body, this is my blood.

Showyourfrasq #6

Le Générateur, Gentilly, Paris, May 11, 2019

Collective performance : Sevérine Delrieu, Vito Gennaro Giacalone, Anna Levy, Veronica Piersanti, Caroline Serrazin et Paola Daniele.

Photos © Eric Merour

Hic Est Sanguis Meus – This my blood- not only is a feminist manifesto but also a journey in the world and the body of women, without taboo, with a large degree of freedom.

Artist Collective Hic Est Sanguis Meus is born in Paris in spring 2014. The name is unpronounceable

and audacious, trying to reengage Jesus’ words during the Last Supper : « This cup is the new

covenant in My blood, which is shed for you”; … » Bible, Luke 22:20 .

This is the triggered event. In most countries and throughout history, the menstruating woman has

been dismissed, taunted, shunned. Everywhere, patriarchy attempts to take control on this beautiful

and natural phenomenon in order to downgrade women. Trickles of blood flow, this a taboo. When

women’s sex bleeds, it is viewed as a frightening thing. It is often felt as a violent experience by



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